Are you a fresh or salt water aquarium freak?

Are you a fresh or saltwater aquarium freak?

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In case saltwater is your choice the first and fundamental piece of knowledge you need to have is this: saltwater aquarium is very hard to sustain compared to freshwater aquarium. In order to begin a saltwater aquarium as a starter, you will need a fish tank, substrates, filtration system, thermometer, protein skimmer, power head, air pump and water pump. Normally salt water aquariums are of three kinds such as fish alone, fish combined with live rocks and reef system.

{Sometimes an aquarist chooses to keep a salt water aquarium known as fish with live Rock. In this aquarium fish only is what is kept inside, except that live rocks are added. This accessory is called live rock because of the micro organism that inhabits the rock internal and external parts. Did you know of the reef system kind of salt water aquarium?

This kind is mostly kept by skilled aquarists because the aquarium demands perfect water conditions, proper lighting wattage, constant addition of water, good filtration system, reverse osmosis as well as deionizer water. When starting up a salt water aquarium it is normally ideal to select an aquarium that can take 55 gallons or even more. This is important, because it will be difficult to maintain a perfect condition in the quality of water as well as the balance in the lesser aquarium.

Aside from the size of the salt water aquarium, when starting up an aquarium you will have to settle on the material you will use for the tank. For instance, you can decide to go for glass or acrylic materials are used in salt water aquarium, however, they have their own rules. When it comes to positioning salt water aquarium in the house care must be taken. Because excess sun light generates algae, still a little exposure to the sun is equally not good. You will want to maintain a balanced temperature.

The best way to care for your aquarium and fish is not to place anything that is not saltwater proof. If the decoration you use for your aquarium is not saltwater proof, be sure you will poison your tank and you know what that means. A major fundamental aspect of salt water aquarium is the filtration system. These systems perform three functions that include mechanical chemical and biological filtration.

So be sure your aquarium filtration system is functioning properly if you really want to sustain the life of your fishes. As a rule do not clean your aquarium with soap. Doing this will contaminate the water and spoil the not too strong ecosystem to your saltwater tank. Cleaning your tank will be best if you apply bleach in the stead of detergent. Simply mix one capful of undiluted bleach to ten gallons of water and wipe the tank with it and then clean with fresh water.